Trail rides

Rides on our farm

Ocoee Horse ride provides an hour long trail ride on our privately owned trails outside Cleveland TN.  Our 1 hour rides start with 10 min of preparation ensuring you get the needed instructions on how to ride a horse. Once you are in the saddle, we will take you for horseback ride through the woods and on top of the hills on our farm. We will take a stop along the way to take a few pictures of you at one of our scenic locations.

National Forest Trail rides

Want to ride longer than one hour? We will be offering guided trail rides in the Cherokee National Forest. We can do half a day of riding or a full day of riding depending on what your group wants. The National Forest is a beautiful scenic area in the mountains that offers miles and miles of safe trails for horseback riding . Please give us a call if you are interested in riding in the National Forest with us!