horse training

OcoeeHorseRide is a brand new facility conveniently located just NorthEast of Cleveland , Tn.  We have quiet privately owned trails and a private arena for our lesson program and horse training.

We specialize in Natural Horsemanship training regarding problem horses, green horses , colt starting , ground work and problems in the saddle. We will take our time with you and your horse to help you reach your goals.

We start all of the horses with ground work, we like to get a good foundation on them before stepping in the saddle.

Once we have gotten your horse to understand everything we expect on the ground we will work our way in the saddle . We start with basic exercises in the saddle such as a good stop, back-up, light turns and listening to leg aids then we will move onto more advanced moves.

Once we have a good foundation on the ground and in the saddle , we will start working on the trails where more problems may occur such as the horse being buddy sour , barn sour , spookiness or anxiety .

We encourage the owners to be a part of the training process and come out at least once a week to have a lesson and learn about their horse’s progress.

Please contact us for any questions about our training.